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Your Student's School Day:



In grades 9-12, we teach traditional classes for all NY State required classes. We use a combination of materials from A Beka Book, Bob Jones Press and others that fit our goals for student development both academically and spiritually. We supplement our core curriculum with other materials to broaden our base of educational opportunities for our students. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:12.


High school students in grades 9-12 participate in chapel every Wednesday. Each week features a guest speaker. Speakers include area pastors, college representatives, and missionaries.

Science and History Fair

Held every other year alternating, our middle and high school grades participate in our Science and History Fairs. Individual or group projects are submitted for judging. Our fairs are open to the public during spring open house each year.


We believe in a creative God, who wants us to appreciate and nurture our creativity. He’s given us a world of form, shape, color, pattern, and beauty. The art curriculum helps students learn to recognize, enjoy, and evaluate the aesthetic side of God’s creation while becoming aware of their own God-given gifts and abilities. Students explore different mediums for artistic expression, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, weaving, textiles, mosaics and more. Students are introduced to art history, learn to identify art by well-known artists, and discuss differences in art from different cultures. The art department encourages students in creative thinking, expression, problem-solving and practical application of art to everyday life.

Visit the high school art album
Visit the art album


High school students at BCA recieve general music classes where they learn how to better appreciate and understand music through fun-filled activities such as music listening, movement excercises, rhythm instruments, and games. Comprehensive piano and instrument lessons are also available.

Instrument/Voice Lessons and Band/Choir
Students will receive weekly lessons and have the opportunity to participate in group activities such as band and/or choir (These groups will be determined based on students’ interest). Students will also learn valuable social/life skills such as teamwork, respect, diligence, and responsibility. Students will be graded through cooperation, participation and achievement and will receive musical instruction through:

• Music listening
• Movement through music exercises
• Rote Song Learning (Learning by mimicr.)
• World music (music of different countries)

Instrumental instruction available in:

• Band Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet/Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone, Tuba, Percussion
• Orchestra strings: Violin, Viola, Cello
• Others: Piano and Voice


Our experienced faculty includes the following classes in your child's curriculum:

• Bible
• Earth Science
• Physical Science
• Creation Science
• Life Science
• World History
• U.S. History
• World Studies
• Geography
• English
• Engligh Literature
• Math
• Consumer Math
• Economics/Government
• Algebra I
• Algebra II
• Geometry
• Physics
• Spanish I
• Spanish II
• Physical Education
• Chemistry
• Computer
• Studio Art
• Drama

Awards and Honors

Each year various awards are granted to students who have fulfilled the standards and requirements set down for academic recognition. We encourage all students to participate in Christian service and to presnet a Christian testimony in all areas of their lives. Annual awards include:

Character Recoginition Awards
• Christian Servant Award
• Disciple Award
• Most Improved Student
• Nehemiah Award

Academic Recognition Awards:
• Bible Award
• Math Award
• Science Award
• Scholar Award
• Scripture Memory Award

Perfect Attendance Recognition

Honor Roll

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must earn 23 credits. Courses meeting 5 days a week for approximately 45 minutes per day receive .5 credit per semester. Other courses may receive .25 credit per semester, depending upon the number of days met. Minimum graduation requirements by credit hours are: Bible, 4 credits; English, 4 credits; Mathematics, 3 credits; Physical Education, 2 credit; Social Studies, 4 credits; and Science, 3 credits; Spanish, 2 credits; elective, 1 credit. Elective choices are as follows: computer application, .5 credit; drama, .5 credit; creation science, .25 credit.

Grading and Credit

There are 18 weeks in each semester. Letter grades are issued after every 9 weeks (one quarter). Interim reports are issued every 3 weeks. Final semester grades in most classes are a compilation of two quarter grades plus a final exam grade.


BCA uses online technology Engrade that is designed to support  communication with parents and teachers about student progress in graded assignments. The online tool enables parents to communicate with teachers via an e­mail option, view grades, assignements and more.

Information Technology and Media

We have a policy intended to help protect children from information technology and media risks. One computer exists in each grade 2 - 12 classroom. The school also maintains a dedicated computer laboratory. At the school office, children may use personal electronic devices to reach out to Parents any time with teacher/administrative permission. However, personal electronic devices are otherwise restricted in school to facilitate and enable learning, intelligence and spiritual development. Children sign agreements disclosing social media which they may have, and provide the school access for protective monitoring. They agree to conduct themselves in the cyber realm in a Christ-like manner. Cyber bullying and inappropriateness are subject to disciplinary action.

High School Forms, Schedules and more

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