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Shaping minds. Cultivating hearts. Promoting service.

Baldwinsville Christian Academy was opened in 1973 as Faith Baptist Academy. It changed it's name to Baldwinsville Christian Academy in 2002. It was founded by and is a prayer-covered ministry of Faith Baptist Church. The campus sits on over 4 acres in Baldwinsville, located just off Rt. 690 on Van Buren Road. BCA offers a K-12 education, including all core education classes and a full set of electives including music, art, and athletic activities. The BCA Homeschool Cooperative is open for students grades K-12. The school day begins at 7:45am and ends at 3:00pm.


Our Mission

We believe that faith in Christ must be applied to all areas of life, that God’s Word has the answers to individual and world problems. As an educational institution, our goal is to present Christ in all subject matter and in so doing have each child develop a world life view with Christ as the focal point.


Specifically, Baldwinsville Christian Academy takes hold of the responsibility of shaping a Christian mind, cultivating a Christian heart, and promoting Christian service - head, heart, and hands - thinking, feeling, doing - all mysteriously intertwined in each person. The formation of the whole child with thoughtful, passionate Christian commitments, that is the vision of our school.


The mission of Baldwinsville Christian Academy is to be an effective instrument of God. Together with Christian parents and the church, we seek to educate children and young people so that they may grow and mature into perceptive and caring Christians. Finally, our goal is to produce citizens who have a transforming influence in the world.

Our Goals & Vision
The mission of Baldwinsville Christian Academy is to glorify God by providing students a Christ-centered, Bible-based education, by influencing them for salvation, by instructing them in values for Godly living, and by providing a program of academic and extra-curricular excellence.


• We are dedicated to minister to families as an extension of their home by maintaining a Bible-based, Christ-centered atmosphere, fostered by a God-called administration, faculty and staff,  in which students are evangelized and discipled in Christian life and service.

• Our goal is to assist, not replace, the parents’ God-given responsibility to teach and disciple their children;  therefore, we encourage and invite parental involvement in daily school life.

• We desire to achieve and maintain a positive Christian image that points our community to Christ.

• We seek a qualified and effective faculty and staff team for our students, with excellence in leadership, professionalism,
and Christian service.

• Our graduates will be successfully prepared spiritually, academically, and physically for their chosen walk of life.

• Our goal is to continue to deliberately grow to become the pre-eminent accredited Christian academy in Central New York.

• We will provide a safe classroom environment in which our students will develop, learn, and grow.

• We seek to  maintain financial stability through fiscal discipline, affordable tuition and external financial support.



Our Philosophy of Christian Education

Proverbs 1:2-7 and Deuteronomy 6:1-9

Baldwinsville Christian Academy believes that school is an extension of the Christian home, designed to reinforce the faith and values of the parents. We believe that policies and procedures governing the school should be consistent with the standards of the Bible, which is God’s inspired Word. We believe that this is God’s world, that each child is unique in God’s sight, created in His image to live a life of faith and service. Upon that base, we build a foundation that focuses on several key areas to include:


• A Christian World View — We teach every subject from a Biblical world view. A proper understanding of man and his place in the world is laid out in Scripture and is taught in all the materials we use.


• Creation vs. Evolution — A proper understanding of man and the world begins with the understanding that all has been created by God. 


• Biblical Standards — Everything we teach reinforces the standards and principles the Bible teaches. Integrating these life principles helps students understand that the Bible is relevant in all aspects of their lives.


• Academic Standards — The Bible teaches us that the world itself tells us about God. The more we understand the world around us and the things that happen in the world, the more we understand about God and His teachings.


• Heart Development — While academic standards are important, developing a child’s heart to follow after God is top priority. Development of character is as important as developing an understanding of math, history, or science.


• Wisdom — A wise man has an understanding of the world around him and a firm grasp on Biblical standards and how they apply to all of life. He has learned to receive instruction (both character and academic instruction), process that instruction, and change the way he thinks and acts because of that instruction.


• Family Based — The Bible identifies the family as the primary place where the truth of God is taught to children. At BCA, we partner with families to educate their children.

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