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Elementary Grades 1-6 

We believe that the school is an extension of the Christian home and together teachers, students, and parents help one another learn to think throughout their lives.  Children are nurtured, supported and encouraged to see their unique strengths, gifts and talents as opportunities to serve God and their fellow man. 


In grades 1-6, we use a traditional classroom teaching environment, using Abeka Book materials as our main curriculum. The curriculum includes math, language, history, science, Bible, spelling, physical education, Spanish, music, art and writing. Each class enjoys field trips, special events, service projects, concerts, achievement awards and more. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:12.

BCA has a history of outstanding academic achievement. We attribute this to several key components of our daily school life: effective prayer, an enriching curriculum, exceptional teachers, strong parental involvement, our focus on God in all areas of study, and a recognition that strong faith and academic excellence complement each other.


Chapel and Bible 
Elementary chapels are filled with interactive skits, worship songs, engaging multimedia and stories from the Word of God. Each week our chapels focus on reinforcing Biblical truths and demonstrating those truths in a variety of ways that are applicable to an elementary student’s life.

Studio Art
We have a creative God. We are made in God’s image and we strive to appreciate and nurture our children’s creativity. He’s given us a world of form, shape, color, pattern, and beauty. The art curriculum helps students learn to recognize, enjoy, and evaluate the aesthetic side of God’s creation while becoming aware of their own God-given gifts and abilities. Students explore different mediums for artistic expression, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, weaving, textiles, mosaics and more. Students are introduced to art history, learn to identify art by well-known artists, and discuss differences in art from different cultures. The art department encourages students in creative thinking, expression, problem-solving and practical application of art to everyday life. 

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Visit the Studio Art K4-6 Gallery


Visit the Studio Art 7-12 Gallery


Visit the Studio Art K4-12 Gallery


Elementary students at BCA receive general music classes where they learn how to appreciate and understand music. Students will receive weekly lessons and have the opportunity to participate in group activities such as drama and/or choir (These groups will be determined based on a student's interest). Students will also learn valuable social/life skills such as teamwork, respect, diligence, and responsibility. Students will be graded through cooperation, participation and achievement. They will receive musical instruction through: Music listening, movement through music exercises, rote song learning (learning by mimic) and world music (music of different countries).

The Elementary Spanish Program is an educational option for elementary students that provides exposure to the Spanish language and culture. Students receive a weekly experience for age appropriate engagement with Spanish in an immersion-like environment. Our approach enables children to acquire the language instead of learning it. 


Information Technology and Media
We have a policy intended to help protect children from information technology and media risks. Desktop computers are present in each classroom. The school also maintains a dedicated computer laboratory. At the school office, children may use personal electronic devices to reach out to parents any time with teacher/administrative permission. Personal electronic devices are restricted in school to facilitate and enable learning, intelligence and spiritual development. Bullying and harrassment are subject to disciplinary action.

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