Our Half Day/Afternoon Kindergarten Program

Our Whole Day Afternoon Kindergarten program will open the eyes of your young student to the joys of learning. It provides an excellent foundation for the rest of your child’s elementary years. It is such an important time of growth for children. Experiences students have in kindergarten help to set them on a successful path through school. Not only does our program include our academic rigor but also places emphasis on:

• Foundational Bible stories, history and learning of God’s love for them

• Presenting a Biblical worldview

• Development of character in your child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth

• Instruction by special teachers in music, physical education and art

• Enrichment through recess and special fun activities

• Building strong foundation of skills and knowledge to move towards independence

• Hands-on experiences so children are actively engaged in learning

• Centers to expand concepts and small group activities


Kindergarten Academics

The kindergarten program at Baldwinsville Christian Academy uses the Abeka curriculum. Taught daily are Bible, phonics/reading, writing, and numbers. Also covered on a weekly basis are science and history.


Bible – We place a strong emphasis on the Bible.  Daily Bible classes include a Bible truth, songs, and the memorization of Scripture.


Phonics/Reading – The core of our reading program is phonics.  Students are taught to recognize upper and lower case letters.  They learn individual letter sounds, which include both long and short vowels, as well as consonant sounds and blends.  Kindergarten students learn 52 phonics rules, and they learn to read!


Writing – We have designed a cursive writing class to correlate with the phonics program.  Writing of all lower case letters and a large portion of uppercase letters is mastered in our kindergarten class.


Numbers – Students will recognize numbers 1 to 100 and will count to 100 by ones, twos, fives, and tens.  They learn to tell time, recognize and count money, and learn basic addition and subtraction.

Electives – Including Spanish, Studio Art, Music and Gym.


Kindergarten Screening
n the best interest of our new students, children applying to our Kindergarten program participate in a screening which gives the teacher an overall view of the child’s readiness and skill levels.


Because of the extensive nature of the academic areas taught, we require that the student be five years old by December 1 to enroll in this program. This will help them academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.