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Our Alumni

Transforming the world for Jesus Christ is highly inclusive work. BCA graduates are leaders in their homes, churches, communities, and in nearly every imaginable walk of life. With a BCA education contributing to a rock-solid foundation, these leaders are making an impact in local, national, and international arenas.


Our alum have attended prestigious colleges and universities across the nation including:


Syracuse University
Roberts Wesleyan College

Baptist Bible College

Truett - McConnell University

Bob Jones University

Cedarville University

Keuka College

Dallas Theological Seminary

Liberty University

Houghton College

Geneva College

Grove City College

Heartland Bible College

Maranatha Bible College

Dickinson University

LeTourneau University

Baylor University


Albany State University

Le Moyne College

Baylorville University

Empire State Baptist Seminary

Maranatha Bible College

Pensacola Christian College

Messiah College

Davis Bible College

Summit University

Utica College of Business and Law

SUNY Colleges and Universities

United States Armed Forces

NYS Community Colleges




Stay in Touch!

BCA is blessed to have a group of faithful alumni who appreciate the difference the school made in their lives and seek meaningful ways to get involved in the present and future life of the institution. As alumni of BCA – remember our relationship has not ended…only changed locations. You will now be carrying the name of Christ onto various college campuses across the nation or into various fields of employment – we pray for you that you will bear the name of Christ well in all that you say and do. Please stay in touch with us by filling out the form below:

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BCA prepared me for my future life in many ways, spiritually, academically, and emotionally. I learned how to spiritually approach every situation with Christ like love and patience. Academically BCA helped prepare for my future college classes, so that I will know not only how to understand the material presented but also how to handle the workload. Through my highschool career I believe that I emotionally grew through the patience and teaching of my teachers, learning to handle my emotions with calmness and joy. I have had several notable achievements in sports and academics, but none of these could have happened without the great support and teaching of my teachers, coaches, friends, and of course God and His unfailing love. — Martha, 2014 BCA Salutatorian, Social Work major, SUNY

BCA gave me a memorable schooling experience. It was there, where I was enriched by excellent teachers, invested mentors, selfless volunteers, and dedicated families for the entirety of my education prior to college. Through the ministry of faculty and staff, I received a gift  far beyond an education. I was challenged to think critically. With this skill being reinforced by the adults at BCA, I was able to graduate, confident in my ability to learn further and take in the world around me. BCA helped me cultivate solid world views, a teachable spirit, and confidence to move forward in all I do. I am who I am because of what I experienced there. I earned my undergrad in psychology and  am now pursuing a Masters degree in marriage and family therapy and I feel my experience at BCA primed me for success. — Emily

BCA is a great school with a sound spiritual foundation. Between the warm environment and positive atmosphere, Baldwinsville Christian Academy played a positive role in my education. I enjoyed the small classrooms and student-to-teacher ratio, and the friends I made there felt like family. I have now graduated college with a medical degree in Respiratory Therapy and am continuing in that career path. BCA paved the way for my schooling and career, and because of them I am very thankful. — Bryan CRT, Respiratory Therapist, BCA Graduate

I attended BCA for twelve years. I always appreciated my parents' sending me to a Christian school where I was encouraged, by both teachers and students, to grow in my walk with the Lord. I also learned the value of hard work and challenging myself. I attended Bob Jones University where I received the Math award and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Mathematics. Now, my husband and I are blessed to be able to send our two boys to BCA as well. The school has only grown, both spiritually and academically, since I was a student. The boys love their teachers, and we see and hear the evidence at home that their teachers are instilling biblical values in addition to the solid academic teaching. — Barbi

Over my years at BCA, the school and the people who were a part of it became like a family to me. This family, including the teachers and my friends, constantly emphasized how important a relationship with God is. God used BCA to teach me to think seriously about my spiritual life and how to live that out. There was always an opportunity to be a part of or start Bible studies, be involved in ministry-related groups like Poiema, and learn about God from every class whether it be math, English, or Bible. Academically, BCA has challenged me. The teachers were so passionate about what they taught, and they put in so much effort to make sure we learned and understood what was being taught.  — Kristin, 2014 Valedictorian, Counseling major, Summit University


Christian education has been a huge part of my life. I am one of four children who all attended and graduated from Baldwinsville Christian Academy. Getting to go to school every single day and having that be centered around Christ also impacted me on a deeper level. I praise the Lord on a daily basis that I was able to have the education, friendships, and experiences from BCA. I trust that God will help my husband and I raise our children with the same godly values that were being taught to me at school and are still to this day being taught! — Karilee, Registered Nurse, BCA graduate


I am a 1994 graduate of Faith Baptist Academy (Baldwinsville Christian Academy). I spent all 13 years of my school days at FBA. I began to feel the call of God to go into full time Christian service while talking to my class advisor, and after graduation, I attended Christian college. I have been a teacher at a Christian school near Cleveland, Ohio for 15 years. It's a little late, but I'm finally writing to express my thanks. I am so thankful for the foundation that was built into my life during my years at FBA. My teachers not only taught me to read, write and do arithmetic, they also taught me to follow Christ. They loved me unconditionally, and believe me, I tested their patience on many occasions. My teachers were not content with just teaching the material. They worked very hard to make sure I understood what they were teaching. The Bible was integrated into every area of the school day. We were even taught, in sports, to "Do all to the glory of God" (I Cor. 10:31). I am grateful that the wonderful school I attended is still helping parents to teach young minds and hearts to seek after Christ. I am especially glad that my nephews are able to attend BCA now. In a world where Christian education is devalued, Baldwinsville Christian Academy has remained committed to its goal of "educating and equipping students for a life of service." Thank you for my Biblically based education and for continuing to minister to families and the world around you.

— Rachel, Teacher, BCA graduate


BCA has always been like a home to me. The teachers always dedicated themselves to helping their students and took the time to talk even if it wasn't about academics. BCA has prepared me for my work in college and the worship team I have been singing in. I loved being able to play sports at BCA and have it be centered around God. Being at this school for all those years not only helped me see God's purpose for my life, but also taught me about the values of teamwork, dedication and family. — Ann Marie, 2013 BCA Valedictorian, Therapy major, Keuka College



BCA has been my second home for as long as I can remember. Without hesitation I can irrevocably say that I am who I am because of BCA. The teachers, staff, church family, and even my fellow students helped ground me to things of God; and as I look back, I can see that my childhood years were built on a Biblical foundation. It's not just learning the difference between right and wrong – it's about living a life worthy for our Lord, Jesus Christ. It's not just about doing good things; it's about accepting the gift that is Jesus' love. It's about getting to Heaven and having God say "Well done!" BCA taught me that a life of service, even with its inevitable hardships is a life worthy and I am proud to now be a teacher at this very school and to be able to pass on those very valuable truths to the next generation. — Elisabeth, Music Teacher at BCA


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